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Williamsburg loft in a former factory wants $3.2M

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A duplex apartment in a converted factory has plenty of pre-war details

Photos via Corcoran

It may not be “the coolest loft in Williamsburg”—that was another apartment in the same building, at 330 Wythe Avenue—but this two-bedroom duplex, asking $3.2 million, does have a similar industrial-chic thing going on. And the brokerbabble does call it “the ultimate loft space, a rarity these days,” which, okay, sure.

Anyway, the apartment itself is pretty nice, if not the ultimate loft space: it has positively enormous 18-foot ceilings, with exposed brick walls that hark back to the building’s past as a former factory. Those high ceilings also afford pretty stellar views of Manhattan and Brooklyn (there’s a tiny balcony off the living room, but it’s not much to write home about).

The first floor of the duplex also has a kitchen and one of the bedrooms, while the second floor has the “master suite” (a decent-sized bedroom and bathroom). Monthly charges are also fairly low at just $626.