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$5,000/month East Village loft is small and sparse, but eclectic

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Some of the design touches include beamed ceilings, exposed brick, and barn doors

Images courtesy Universal Realty Group via StreetEasy

Quirky apartments claiming to be the “most unique” of their kind always manage to surface in the East Village, like this one-bedroom apartment renting for $5,000/month. And the brokerbabble is really pushing that angle for the “designer loft,” calling it “one of the most unique and beautifully done apartments” in the neighborhood. That may be hyperbole, but it is a pretty cool space.

The apartment recently received a gut renovation, though some pre-war details remain—every room but the bathroom has exposed brick walls. The kitchen has been outfitted with new stainless steel appliances and a modern breakfast island. A set of barn doors leads from the open kitchen to the modest bedroom.

A floorplan doesn’t accompany this listing but judging from the photos, it looks like overall, the apartment is small. But on the plus side, renting here saves you the trouble of having to buy furniture, as this unit comes fully furnished, all the way down to the TV and the cutlery.