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There’s a Mandy Moore mural in someone’s shower in Queens

It’s a Mandy Moore-al

Your daily dose of real estate WTF: a man has discovered a mosaic mural of early aughts pop singer Mandy Moore in the shower of his friend’s new apartment in Queens. That’s right, it’s a Mandy Moore-al.

The questionable decorative element was discovered by a friend of Peter W. Kaplan, who took to Twitter to share the discovery (h/t NYP).

Twitter’s reaction has been on par. “Don’t question blessings in 2017,” writes one commenter (Preach.) Others have responded with pictures of similarly odd tile art. Moore herself has even responded:

(We have to agree with her reaction there.)

Because we can never get enough of New Yorkers’ strange decorative choices, please hit up the tipline with whatever weirdness has crossed your path.