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City officials push affordable housing redevelopment for Inwood library

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After recent rejection from City Council for a nearby site, the city explores its options

Inwood Library at 4790 Broadway
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Looking to rise from the perils of defeat after City Council rejected an Inwood rezoning proposal that would have allowed developers to build a 17-story residential tower with a mix of affordable and market-rate apartments, Mayor de Blasio and the city is now gearing up to explore other redevelopment options in the neighborhood.

According to The Real Deal, the city’s Housing Preservation and Development will be partnering up with the Robin Hood Foundation and the New York Public Library in an attempt to introduce a residential project with 100 percent affordable housing and a new library at 4790 Broadway, where the Inwood Library is currently situated.

The city is planning on holding workshops with Inwood residents where they can offer their thoughts on the project. After that, a Request for Proposals would be issued, allowing various developers to pitch their designs.

“This project presents an exciting opportunity for creative plans to create affordable housing to be developed hand in hand with the revitalization of an important neighborhood asset – the Inwood public library,” said HPD Commissioner Vicki Been.

As for the site at 4650 Broadway, where rezoning was rejected, developers can now proceed with a as-of-right 14-story building without having to meet any Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) requirements.

Workshops are scheduled for January 25th and 28th.