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NYC’s first real snow storm has arrived

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After a teaser in December, the city gets hit with the real deal

Flickr/Roman Kruglov

A few weeks ago, New York City received its first snowfall of the season but it was just enough to briefly turn the city into a winter wonderland without leaving any real impact. But this time around, the city has gotten hit with the real deal. Much of the city is under a winter storm warning as snow is expected to accumulate up to four inches (and even more in places like Nassau county) with winds gusting between 10 and 15 m.p.h.

Of course, not even this weather can keep New Yorkers down. Many took to the outdoors for a little fun in the snow and captured some pretty stunning pictures in the process. Here’s a few of the best shots found on Instagram.

Stay safe and enjoy the first real snow day of the season.

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Happy snow day from Central Park and this little guy with his mohawk. Hope you're all staying warm. ❄️ #centralpark #snowysaturday

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