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Two Greenwich Village townhouses, listed for $16M, seek megamansion conversion

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The two townhouses are currently configured as multi-family residences, but the listing broker says a megamansion conversion is ‘ideal’

133-135 West 13th Street

Two adjacent Greenwich Village townhouses with megamansion potential just hit the market for $15.65 million. The two townhouses at 133 and 135 West 13th Street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, were last on the market in 2008, when they sold to an anonymous LLC for $3.7 million and $5.5 million, respectively.

As they are now, the two townhouses are each divided into six apartments and all but two of the twelve apartments are occupied by tenants. But Leslie J. Garfield broker Matthew Pravda, who’s co-listing the properties with Christopher L. Riccio, says proceedings are underway to deliver the buildings with no, or few tenants. The townhouse at no. 135 will be delivered vacant, while proceedings are ongoing to remove rent-stabilized tenants from no. 133.

“A megamansion would be ideal” Pravda says of the properties, which combined would span 41 feet and have 9,600 interior square feet and a 1,800-square-foot yard. But any amendments to the building would require the approval of the Landmarks Preservation Commission, as they stand within the Greenwich Village Historic District.

As of now, the two townhouses are undergoing small improvements to bathrooms and kitchens should a buyer choose to maintain them as multi-family properties. Another option for a buyer would be to convert the two townhouses into two single-family houses.

Pravda also pointed out that, compared to similar megamansion transactions in the neighborhood, the two townhouses on West 13th Street are being marketed for relatively cheap. In June, telecom exec Dexter Goei shelled out $31 million for a dual townhouse purchase on West 11th Street, following Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick who dished up $34.5 million for a similar dual-townhouse purchase down the street in early June.

“This is a significant discount,” Pravda said, noting that the sales price is shy of $16 million. Even so, there may be some wiggle room. “The market today supports negotiating.”

The combined 1,800-square-foot garden at 133-135 West 13th Street.
Leslie J. Garfield
The townhouses as-is.
Leslie J. Garfield