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Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn will get an even bigger visitor's center

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Cemetery officials have come forth with plans for a larger building that will surround the historic greenhouse

Rendering originally proposed for Weir Greenhouse and visitor’s center

It’s been awhile since we last heard anything about the plans to revive the century-old greenhouse that sits across from Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. In July 2015, the Landmarks Preservation Commission struck down a proposal that envisioned the historic Weir Greenhouse connected to a new three-story building that would function as an exhibition, office space, and visitor’s center for the cemetery. The LPC felt that the overall design detracted from the greenhouse instead of complementing it.

After returning to the design table, cemetery officials have announced that they are planning to increase the size of the new building that will sit alongside the greenhouse, reports the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Previous designs were crafted by architect Page Ayres Cowley, but Green-Wood Cemetery may tap another architect to re-envision the new building.

“While architect Page Ayres Cowley, whose expertise is in restoration of historic buildings, continues to spearhead the work on the Weir Greenhouse itself, Green-Wood is considering other architects to design the new building,” said Green-Wood President Richard Moylan.

No timeline has been released for when things will get moving on the restoration for the greenhouse and construction for the new building.