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James Gandolfini’s onetime West Village condo hits the market

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The combo pad owned by Gandolfini’s ex is on the market for $7.5 million

Courtesy of Corcoran

The onetime West Village condo of late actor James Gandolfini has hit the market for $7.5 million. The property—a four-bedroom, four-bathroom combo pad on the building’s second floor—was listed by Gandolfini’s ex-wife, who he transferred the title to in 2003 amid a divorce. The New York Post first reported the listing.

“This is where Jim raised his son,” Corcoran agent Julie Rupprecht, who sold the Gandolfinis the apartments at 99 Jane Street to make the combo pad and now holds the listing, told the Post.

The Sopranos alum and ex-wife Marcy Wudarski purchased the two apartments for around $2 million in 1999 and combined them. Today, the enlarged apartment is seeking $7.5 million.

The 3,200-square-foot apartment comes with 10-foot ceilings; a master suite with a Jacuzzi; a 30-foot living room flanked by windows; a separate den; two sets of washers and dryers; and of course, the cachet of being the onetime home of the beloved Gandolfini.

West Village

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99 Jane Street

99 Jane Street, New York, NY 10014