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First look at Sheldon Solow's Billionaires' Row residential building

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The 19-story building will bring 16 apartments to Midtown

Via Hill West Architects

Construction is now underway on Sheldon Solow’s slender Billionaires’ Row tower, and with it the developer has also unveiled a rendering for the residential building, which was designed by Hill West Architects.

Standing 19-stories tall, the building at 7 West 57th Street will bring just 16 apartments to the neighborhood. The units here will average about 2,000 square feet, YIMBY notes. Plans also call for 4,100 square feet of retail on the first two floors of the building.

This comparatively modest Billionaires’ Row tower will be located next to Solow’s iconic 50-story office tower at 9 West 57th Street, with the sloped glass exterior.

The project was first announced earlier this year, but Solow has owned the property for quite some time now, having shelled out $25.55 million on the site back in 2005. A five-story red-brick building at the site, which some reports say dated back to the 1800s, was demolished to make room for the residential building. Construction on this project is expected to wrap by the end of 2019.

Aside from these properties, Solow also owns the sites across the street at 10, 16, and 19 West 57th Street, and another property at 19 West 56th Street. There are rumors that he plans to build a residential building here as well, but at least one existing tenant is preventing that from happening right now.