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JDS will help fund Lower East Side resiliency efforts if Two Bridges megatower moves forward

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If the project is approved, two nearby buildings will get flood barriers and other small improvements

SHoP Architects

JDS Development Group has agreed to pay for flood barriers for two low-income residential buildings if their contentious 1,008-foot rental tower that is proposed for 247 Cherry Street is allowed to rise.

According to DNAinfo, the Two Bridges Tower at 82 Rutgers Slip along with a senior housing development at 80 Rutgers Slip would receive upgrades that could mitigate that impact of future storms like Hurricane Sandy, in exchange for the two buildings agreeing to sell their air rights to JDS for the skyscraper to rise.

In addition to the flood barriers, developers have committed to funding a few resiliency upgrades to the building itself that include providing the senior building with an emergency power backup system and relocating mechanical equipment to the second floor where it would be away from flood water.

JDS spokeswoman Susan Ainsworth told DNAinfo that the plans for resiliency work on the pair of buildings aren’t a “done deal” yet and that approval from the Department of City Planning for the building’s plans are still pending. If approved, resiliency work would begin after construction on the tower commences.

Meanwhile, neighborhood residents and local politicians are still pushing for a uniform land use review procedure (ULURP) of the tower along with two other projects proposed for the area— dual 798- and 728-foot towers at 260 South Street by L+M and CIM; and a 724-foot building at 259 Clinton Street by Starrett. In August, Council Member Margaret Chin introduced a bill that, if approved, would require City Planning to fast track land use applications.

247 Cherry Street

247 Cherry Street, New York, NY 10002