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Spacious, light-filled Lower East Side artist's loft lists for $1.5M

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The existing space can be converted into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home

Via Compass

Artist Judith Braun is looking to sell her nearly 2,000-square-foot loft on the Lower East Side, which the broker on the property has described as “Downtown Manhattan’s last true artist loft.”

Part of a tiny co-op building on Rivington Street, which features just five apartments (including this one), Braun’s apartment is asking $1.5 million. Currently the apartment is setup as an artist’s studio with one bedroom in the rear, a sleeping loft in the center of the apartment, and the studio out front, with an entrance on street level.

The brokers are also presenting an alternate vision of the space: converting the apartment into a three-bedroom. The bedroom in the back would remain as is, but the present dining and living areas would be converted into two additional bedrooms. The kitchen and living room, which are presently toward the rear of the apartment, would be flipped to take over the space currently occupied by the studio.

Aside from all that, some of the standout features of this apartment include the 13-foot-tall ceilings, the open floor space, and the skylights. Monthlies aren’t exorbitant, and run at $1,200.

Current floorplan.
Proposed floorplan.