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New York’s voting registration deadline is this Friday

Here’s what you need to know

Scott Lynch/Curbed Flickr Pool

Now that the New York City primaries are out of the way, New Yorkers are preparing for the next big thing: Election Day itself, which happens on November 7. But an important deadline is coming up tomorrow: it’s the last day to register to vote for the general election, as well as the last day to change your party affiliation for the 2018 primaries (should you need to do so).

What that means for you: If you haven’t already registered, now’s the time to do so! The city’s Campaign Finance Board has an easy how-to guide, but here’s the gist:

  • Check whether or not you’re registered
  • If not, fill out a form—either online with the DMV, or print one out and fill it in by hand
  • If you do it IRL, either mail the form in, or hand it off to a Board of Elections office—you can find the right one for your borough here.

Voters wishing to participate in the general election must be a citizen of the United States; be a New York City resident for at least 30 days; be 18 before the next election; not be serving a jail sentence or on parole for a felony conviction; not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court; and not claim the right to vote elsewhere (outside of New York City).

As for who’s running in the general election, the big race is for New York City mayor: Bill de Blasio is running against Republican challenger Nicole Malliotakis, with several third-party candidates—including Independent Bo Dietl and the Green Party’s Akeem Browder—also on the ballot.

Additionally, basically every New York City Council member is up for re-election this year; City Limits has a good guide to who’s running in each district. All of the borough presidents are also up for re-election, along with some state senators, the Manhattan and Brooklyn district attorneys, and