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In the East Village, a charming red brick townhouse with rustic flourishes wants $10.5M

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The five-story home is owned by the founders of Two Boots Pizza

Via Warburg

A five-story townhouse at the center of a protracted divorce battle, is now on the market for $10.5 million, the New York Post reports. This nearly 7,000-square-foot property is owned by Phil Hartman and Doris Kornish, the founders of Two Boots Pizza.

The couple filed for divorce in 2005, and have essentially been battling over the townhouse since. As the New York Daily News explains it, Hartman agreed to let Kornish live in the townhouse until their youngest child had left the house. Hartman wanted Kornish to sell the house when that happened in 2012, but that never came to pass.

Earlier this year, the townhouse went into bankruptcy, to avoid a foreclosure proceeding, according to the Post. Kornish left the townhouse last week, according to the Post, and now the townhouse is on market. Hartman and Kornish will split the proceedings from the sale, once the debt on the property (estimated at $5.5M) has been paid off. A judge will have to approve the sale.

This doesn’t make for the most enticing sale, but the townhouse does have a lot going in its favor. Currently, the house is split into a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, and a seven-bedroom home above that. But the brokers on the property say it can easily function as a single family home, and there’s an option to build another 3,000 square feet on the lot.

Some of the standout features include the exposed brick walls, the exposed wood ceiling beams, the spacious rear garden, and the skylights. Do you think this townhouse will fetch over $10M?

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