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Governors Island looks to add new food, entertainment venues to island’s attractions

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The trust managing the island has recently released to RFPs to that effect

Iwan Baan/Courtesy West8

Following the debut of the Governors Island’s The Hills last year, the trust managing the island is looking to activate other parts of the island, and make them more accessible to the public.

Last month, and earlier this month, the Trust for Governors Island released two separate Request for Proposals (RFP) to bring entertainment and food vendors to the island, Crain’s reports.

The first, released on September 20, is looking for “new food and beverage service at multiple high traffic areas across Governors Island.” Crain’s explains that the Trust wants these restaurants or coffee shops to set up in some of the historic building on the northern side of the island, for up to three years.

The RFP released in October pertains to an eight-acre, open air waterfront site at Governors Island’s “Western Development Zone.” The Trust is looking for festival, concert operators or some type of outdoor recreational activities.

In both cases, these spaces will be open during the Island’s six-month public season, which runs from May 1 to October 31 each year. According to Crain’s, the Trust is only offering up licenses for up to three years since it may activate these sites for office development in the future.