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Midtown spy museum will ‘empower people to see the world more clearly’

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SPYSPACE will open in Midtown in December

A brand-new museum about all things spy-related is headed for 55th Street and Eighth Avenue in Midtown this December.

Details about the the museum/experience, called SPYSCAPE, are a little thin, but the press release promises “seven galleries devoted to different types of espionage including hacking, deception, and intelligence operations, just to name a few.”

Developed by the British-based private investment group Archimedia and designed by Adjaye Associates (along with advisors from various intelligence agencies), the 60,000-square-foot interactive experience will allow visitors to pick up various sleuthing skills (including how to detect when someone is lying), as well as to learn more generally about the realities of espionage.

The mission, a PR rep told Curbed, is to “empower people, through education and entertainment, to see themselves and the world more clearly.”

Also, to tap into a growing market—it’s worth noting that unlike most museums, SPYSCAPE is a for-profit institution. “Archimedia recognizes the substantial global interest in all forms of espionage, hacking and surveillance,” explained Shelby Prichard, SPYSCAPE Chief of Staff, “and sees SPYSCAPE as a great way to satisfy this market demand.”

Activities include interrogation booths, code-making stations, an “immersive surveillance experience,” and “special laser tunnels.” There’s also a SPYSCAPE profiling system—devised by the Head of Training for British Intelligence, no less—which can “monitor your performance and tell you which spy role you're most suited to.” Time to bring those James Bond fantasies to life.

Standard adult admission is $39 ($32 for kids), and—unless you spring for the VIP pass —advance reservations are required. The first availability is in mid-January, so until then, we’ll have to make do with the renderings.