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Brooklyn and Staten Island will receive $9.3M for Sandy-related repairs

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28 homes have been selected in parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island for the pilot program

In order to supplement ongoing Hurricane Sandy-related repair efforts, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced Project UPLIFT. This $9.3 million home elevation program will offer assistance to low and middle-income New Yorkers living in Gerritsen Beach or Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, and Staten Island’s East and South Shores.

The program is looking to address the unmet needs of homeowners in areas that are particularly vulnerable to flooding, and those who don’t qualify for other flood relief and repair funding programs. At present, the Governor’s office is rolling this out as a pilot program and has selected 28 homes in the above-mentioned areas to participate in the program.

Moving forward, those eligible for the program will have to be low or middle-income New Yorkers whose main residence was impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and sits within the 100-year floodplain in the above-mentioned areas. Eligibility is assessed based on the requirements set by the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery, SBP, and U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

Homes selected for the pilot program were assessed for the aid they had already received and range in size from single-family and semi-attached houses to bungalows.