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Big reveal: $859K for a petite one-bedroom West Village condo

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Time Equities Brokerage

Yesterday we asked you how much you thought a tiny West Village condo was on the market for, and today we reveal the price—and its location. This petite, renovated condo can be found at 5 Weehawken Street, the small throughway between Christopher and West 10th streets.

For all of the guesses that were left on this week’s Pricespotter, no one guessed the price right on. But two commenters, yingei and 11225, came close with a guess of $850,000. This apartment is on the market for $859,000, with low monthlies of $1,087 that led some commenters to guess high. (Many guesses floated in the $1.1 million area.) The apartment is on the market with Time Equities Brokerage.

To recap: The one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment benefits from a couple recent upgrades, like Bosch, Whirlpool, and LG appliances (including a dishwasher but sorry, no washer/dryer in the apartment), and a cleanly renovated marble tiled bathroom with a Toto toilet and glass-enclosed shower.

One last look at the apartment, and it’s floorplan, below.

West Village

, New York, NY 10011