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Checking in on 56 Leonard’s many penthouses

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A newly listed penthouse in the building spurs us to take stock of the ones that came before it

Penthouse 57 at 56 Leonard is on the market for $29.5 million.

Yet another penthouse in Tribeca’s 56 Leonard has hit the market, begging the question: just how many of them are there, anyway?

For those keeping track, the penthouses of the Herzog & de Meuron-designed building have been making headlines since June 2013, when a full-floor spread on the 60th floor went into contract at $47 million, threatening to become Manhattan’s priciest sale ever south of 14th Street. (Spoiler alert: That became official when the sale closed in June of this year for $47,866,945.06, thank you very much.)

Nearly half a decade’s worth of news about the building’s most prestigious apartments got us wanting to take stock of where things stand in the sky at 56 Leonard. A rep for the building says that Penthouse 52B, which takes up half of the 52nd floor (as its name suggests), is the only sponsor penthouse remaining in the building. That means the new-to-market Penthouse 57 is a resale—though we couldn’t sniff out the public records to prove it.

Here’s what we do know about Penthouse 57: The 5,252-square-foot apartment covers a full floor, and comes with four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and 1,763 square feet of outdoor spaces perched over 700 feet above ground. It’s now on the market with Corcoran for $29.5 million, or $5,616/square foot.

So here now, a rundown of where the myriad penthouses of 56 Leonard currently stand:

Penthouse 52A: The listing is in contract for $18.75 million.

Penthouse 52B: The only supposed sponsor penthouse left in the building, 52B is currently on the market for $17.75 million.

Penthouse 53/54: Both penthouses 53 and 54 sold to a single buyer by the name of South Shore Investments LLC for $29.08 million and $23 million in January 2017. The purchases reappeared as mega-unit seeking $65 million in June. Penthouse 53 also came to market in February as a $35 million flip, and Penthouse 54 is currently on the market seeking $30 million.

Penthouse 55: Sold to 56 Leonard 55th Floor LLC for $26.5 million in August 2017.

Penthouse 56: Sold to Lower Manhattan Inner City Real Estate for $29.078 in April 2017.

Penthouse 57: Listed as in contract for $29.5 million in 2013, the apartment’s sale never hit public record. It’s now been relisted for the exact same price.

Penthouse 58: Sold to Irina and Leon Shaulov for $26.78 million in April 2017.

Penthouse 59: Sold to Soggy Won Ny LLC for $29.08 million in May 2017

Penthouse 60: Sold to Uticon Investments, LLC, for $47.87 million in June 2017, making it the priciest sale ever below 14th Street.

One thing’s for certain here: the only entity with their LLC naming game on point is Soggy Won.

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