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Hunter’s Point South phase 2 moves forward with plans for 1,200 apartments

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TF Cornerstone finally filed plans after four years of delays

The second phase of the Hunters Point South megaproject in Long Island City is finally getting back on track following years of delays, Crain’s reports. Developer TF Cornerstone had been having a rough time negotiating with a host of agencies that eventually delayed the project by four years, but they finally filed plans this week.

The project first hit a roadblock with the discovery of an Amtrak tunnel on the development site. When that problem was finally resolved, and a new design was proposed to reduce the weight of the structures on the tunnel, a new problem arose.

There was an easement for a power line under the development site, and the New York Power Authority refused to let TF Cornerstone build over it. The original design proposal called for two towers connected by a shorter structure at the base. That connecting portion has now been scrapped entirely so as not to interfere with the tunnel or the power line, which sit under this portion of the construction site.

Instead ODA Architecture has designed two taller towers with no connecting portion. The buildings will still house the same number of apartments: nearly 1,200 units, about 800 of which will be affordable at various income brackets, according to Crain’s. Plans also call for a new elementary school and a single-story retail structure in between the towers, as part of this second phase of development.