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Whimsical rooftop barn and silo top a $2.65M Soho loft

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Its rooftop neighbors sport a faux Greek temple and trailer

Courtesy of Triplemint

New York’s rooftops have been known to give way to some pretty unusual architecture—cabins, cottages, and Cape Cods galore—but one of the most unusual of the city’s rooftop creations just hit the market: a cedar-shingled barn and silo.

The structures sit on top of penthouse B at 118 Wooster Street, a former manufacturing building that was converted into condos in the early 1980s. The barn serves as a point of entry and exit to the penthouse rooftop, and both the barn and silo act as skylights. (The New York Times, writing about the then-new structures in 1983, noted that they don’t add to the usable floor space of the building, but provide a sense of soaring space within the apartment.)

The view from the rooftop not only looks over Soho, but also onto the quirky rooftop structures towering above the building’s other penthouses. They include a Greek temple with Doric columns, and a stainless steel structure fashioned after a trailer. (The building’s rooftop compactor shaft is shielded by a structure modeled after a Spanish mission.)

Courtesy of Triplemint

That same sense of design whimsy extends inside, where a neoclassical archway frames the entrance to the sleeping nook. A hallway off the nook that’s flanked by walk-in closets leads to a master bathroom with dual sinks. The 1,250-square-foot apartment also comes with more traditional touches, like a wood-burning fireplace, a powder room, and built-ins.

The apartment is asking $2.65 million and is on the market with Triplemint.