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Bushwick Inlet Park gets $17.5M boost from the city

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The funds will help develop two new sites at the waterfront park in Williamsburg

In November last year, the city acquired the final parcel of Bushwick Inlet Park, to complete the vision of the 28-acre park along Williamsburg’s waterfront. Now the city has allocated $17.5 million towards developing two undeveloped sites that will go towards completion the full vision of the site.

“We kept a promise to North Brooklyn by purchasing the final parcel of Bushwick Inlet Park, and this additional funding will allow the City to move closer to realizing the vision of a fully-developed waterfront park with beautiful views and amenities to match,” Mayor Bill de Blasio, said in a statement.

Of the total funds, $7.7 million will go towards creating a new park at 50 Kent Avenue. The remainder of the funds will go towards remediation efforts, and development of more park space at the Motiva site in Bushwick Inlet.

So far 3.5 acres of the full park has been developed. This includes a multi-purpose field, and a building for community events that comes fitted with a green roof that has seating. The development of these two new sites will add 3.6 acres to the existing park.

The city will begin designing these sites with several public meetings in the spring of 2018.

Bushwick Inlet Park

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