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Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2 Uplands will begin construction next fall

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The Uplands will include a water garden, and a 6,300-square-foot lawn

Via Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the final pieces of Brooklyn Bridge Park is coming together. In September next year, work will finally get underway on the Pier 2 Uplands, a 3.4 acre addition to the existing parkland. It’s location is already familiar to most—the uplands currently host the Park’s wildly-popular pop-up pool each summer.

Next summer will be the last season for the pool, which was originally scheduled to end in 2016, but was continued on popular demand. Construction on the Uplands will begin right after the pop-up pool season closes.

But water lovers don’t need to fret because the new Uplands will come with a “water garden,” which will serve to complement the Water Lab at Pier 6. The garden will feature pieces of the pier deck cut away from Pier 3, where work is currently underway to add more parkland to the overall Brooklyn Bridge Park. Water from the Pier 2 garden will also be used to irrigate the Uplands as well.

Aside from that, the Uplands will also feature a 6,300-square-foot lawn, which will fit up to 315 people. The seating in this area will be created from granite from the Brooklyn Bridge. Work on the Uplands is set to get underway in September 2018, and will conclude by June 2020.

The only other section of the 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park that remains (aside from Piers 2 & 3), is the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, which will be located directly under the bridge. Here now is a rendering for the Pier 2 Uplands.

A rendering of the Pier 2 Uplands
Via Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates