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Big reveal: $580K for a petite West Village studio with a modern makeover

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Did you guess correctly?

The asking price for this week’s Pricespotter apartment, a petite West Village studio, is $580,000. No one managed to guess the exact price this week but commenter acfs came the closest with a guess of $575,000 along with some heavy criticism for the unit.

When it came to opinions about the apartment, people either liked it or hated it. “This is absolutely horrible,” said acfs before calling the space “nothing more than a hotel or hostel room.” On the contrary, REspectator wrote, “I don’t find the place to be that bad. It’s certainly a lot better than one place where I lived in Manhattan long ago.”

The lack of a floorplan and square footage details leaves many questions unanswered but it doesn’t take much to see that you’re working with a limited amount of space here. Nevertheless, there are some nice details in place and boasts a great location along Jane Street between Hudson Street and Eighth Avenue. It’s also located on the third floor of a walk-up which isn’t all that bad.

So now that you know the price, what do you make of it?