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MTA may bring flip-up seats to perennially crowded L train

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The fold-up seats would be locked in place during rush hour to ease congestion

Following the unveiling of a new E train earlier this week, the MTA is now tinkering around with the L train and shuttle to Times Square. The MTA had said as much when they made the announcement about the E train, but details remained scant. Now the New York Daily News has learned some new details from its sources.

These unnamed sources told the Daily News that the MTA is toying with the idea of installing fold up benches on the L trains that will create more standing room during rush hour. It’s not too outlandish of a suggestion considering the MTA did get rid of seats from the new E train to ease congestion as well.

These fold up seats on the L train would essentially be flipped up and locked during rush hour, according to the Daily News. It’s likely that this will be used on a test train first, but it’s not yet clear when that will happen.

Transit advocates the Daily News spoke with offered up mixed responses. While people seemed more favorable to removing seats on the shuttle to Times Square, advocates express hesitation on reducing seats on the L line, which makes a long journey from Canarsie to Eighth Avenue.

Also in the works, according to the Daily News, are changes on the R46 train car, which currently operates on the A, F, and R lines. The MTA is supposedly looking to remove seats at the ends of the cars to create more room on these lines. The MTA declined to comment or confirm Daily News’ reporting to Curbed.

Regardless what the changes might be, we do know that changes are coming to many of the city’s subway cars, and they’re all being carried out as part of MTA’s $836 million action plan to fix the ailing subway.