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Enormous Park Avenue duplex owned by the former Yugoslavia seeks $18M

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The more than 4,000-square-foot apartment hasn’t been occupied since 1992

Photo via Douglas Elliman

An enormous duplex penthouse at 730 Park Avenue just hit the market for $18 million—and while an enormous spread within the blue-chip building with a price to match isn’t that unusual, the apartment itself is.

It once served as a home for the UN envoys of the former Yugoslavia, but after the dissolution of that country (it’s now the successor states of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Macedonia), it was abandoned and has sat empty for more than two decades.

The listing, held by Tristan Harper of Douglas Elliman, neatly sidesteps that history; the brokerbabble notes that it’s the “first offer in decades,” touting the home’s myriad terraces, “gracious” entry foyer, huge living room with wraparound terrace and fireplace, and “four generous master suites, one with fireplace, and two with a terrace each.” (Phew!)

One thing the listing is missing is photos, which may be because it’s allegedly a bit of a wreck; in 2016, the New York Post reported that “any potential purchaser would have to be prepared to spend four years renovating the dilapidated apartment.” At the time, the value was reported at around $20 million, but its condition may have affected its current list price; the home was described thusly in a 2014 New York Times piece:

A typewriter gathers dust atop a table in the office; gold-rimmed China remains stacked in cabinets awaiting a dinner party never held. Large swaths of plaster have peeled off the ceiling and drifted down like dried leaves from a tree, blanketing the floors.

According to that same Times piece, Serbia stands to gain the most from the sale, with a 39.5 percent ownership stake in the apartment—it’s also been covering the monthlies for the place, which the Elliman listing has at a hefty $15,550/month. We’ve reached out to Harper for comment, and will update with any new information; he’s also the broker marketing the former Yugoslavia’s enormous mansion at 854 Fifth Avenue, which is currently on the market for $50 million.

So now the question is: Will the Park Avenue pad sell at this price, given the amount of work needed? The comments are open for your conjecture—here’s the floorplan:

730 Park Ave

730 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10021