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Take a scenic ride through the Catskills on a 200-year-old railroad

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This vintage train runs year round and is themed for each new season

Just north of New York City, the charming Catskill Mountain Railroad runs family-friendly train tours along a historic 200-year-old track system in the wooded mountains of the Hudson Valley.

Loading up passengers in Kingston, NY, these vintage train cars rush through the trees up to Hurley Mountain on an hour-long, round-trip ride. The cars themselves, sourced from all over the Northeast, date as far back as the 1920s and are operated by a crew of more than 120 volunteers.

Although most autumn activities are beginning to close for the season, these scenic train rides operate year-round, with events to fit every season. Up next is the 2017 Polar Express, a special winter event inspired by the holiday movie—hot chocolate, pajamas, and sing-alongs included.