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Hudson Yards's $200M 'Vessel' edges closer to its full height

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The Thomas Heatherwick-designed art installation is gaining height

Courtesy of Forbes Massie—Heatherwick Studio

The Thomas Heatherwick-designed art installation that will center the public square at Manhattan’s Hudson Yards megadevelopment project has made quite a bit of headway since we last checked in on it. In new photos captured by NyConstructionPhoto, the bronze-colored $200 million sculpture is getting close to its full height and really starting to resemble its rendering.

Back in August, the project, which broke ground on April 18, was several stories above ground and had a small portion of its 150 staircases in place. Since then, Vessel has grown several more levels in height and appears to be well on track for its anticipated 2018 completion.

Heatherwick’s inspiration for Vessel comes from the design of Indian step wells as well as his time spent in London art schools. Once complete, some people believe the interactive public art installation will be the “Eiffel Tower of New York City,” but only time will tell how New Yorkers and visitors will embrace the project when it makes its debut. So far, the response has been a mixed bag.