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LeBron James and Dwyane Wade took the NYC subway—and ruined one guy's commute

“Can you not?”

Apparently basketball megastar Lebron James hasn’t heard that the New York City subway is in a state of emergency right now. James, along with Dwyane Wade, Kyle Korver, and the other Cleveland Cavaliers, are in town to play the Knicks tonight—and documented their rather uneventful commute on the C train.

“We decided to hop on the train with the squad,” notes the NBA superstar, though the players look a little cramped—not all that surprising when nearly every person on your team is more than six feet tall, and the subway is, well, the subway.

Still, not everyone was cool with King James documenting his subway ride—a guy sitting next to him, in true pissed-off rush-hour commuter fashion, can be heard saying “can you not?” when the camera is trained on him. He then gets up and moves, which is the perfect cranky New Yorker response to having your commute interrupted by a world-famous basketball player.

And the MTA’s response:

The Knicks-Cavs showdown happens tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Update: And of course the frustrated commuter who tried to shove James’s camera away is a real estate broker—Corcoran Tweeted this, naming its broker James Michael Angelo as the “can you not?” guy: