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First look at 125 Greenwich’s crowning amenities, including a pool with a view

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The top floors of the 912-foot skyscraper are devoted to swank amenities

All renderings by March

After years in development (and the departure of one of its original developers, Michael Shvo), the Rafael Viñoly-designed skyscraper at 125 Greenwich Street finally launched sales this fall, bringing pricey condos to an area—just south of the World Trade Center—that’s not exactly oversaturated with them. (Helmut Jahn’s 50 West is its closest competitor, geographically speaking.)

And because no high-end condo in New York City can be built without a bevy of equally high-end perks, developer Bizzi & Partners have kitted out the top floors of the 912-foot building with what’s being called The 88 (because the top floor is the 88th floor, naturally).

Spread across three floors, the amenity space was fashioned by British superyacht designers March & White, who also did the building’s interiors and apartments. Curbed has the exclusive on the first renderings of those amenities, which are about as over-the-top as you’d expect.

The 15,000-square-foot space has several different components: The top floor is given over to a fitness center with a weight room and yoga/pilates studio. It overlooks the “wellness amenities” on the 87th floor, which include a spa, a “relaxation lounge,” and a 50-foot pool with pretty incredible views. On the 86th floor, there’s a private dining room, a screening room, and a lounge, also with panoramic views.

The whole shebang will debut when the building welcomes its first residents in 2019. Currently, more than a dozen of its condos are up for grabs, with the cheapest being a $1.275 million studio on the 66th floor (yep, the studios are on the higher floors here), and the most expensive being a $5.6 million three-bedroom on the 50th floor.


125 Greenwich St

125 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013