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After a year, Walker Tower duplex returns asking $28M

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Kayak CEO Steve Hafner is parting ways with Ralph Walker’s luxe condo

Photos via Corcoran

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything from Walker Tower, once the hottest Manhattan development going. But as of this week, one of its pricey pads is back on the market—and it’s one that we’ve seen plenty of before.

The 18th-floor apartment was once part of a combo unit—this place, plus another two-bedroom unit on the same floor—being offered for $44.5 million. But there were no takers, and thus the combo unit became two separate, smaller (but still mighty impressive) apartments. CEO Steve Hafner then swooped in, picking up #18A for a cool $24 million in 2016—and now, it’s back for an even cooler $28 million. Corcoran has the listing. (As for Hafner, he may be busy with the Miami Beach condo he bought earlier this year.)

Why the price jump? Well, it is “full of glamour and perfect for entertaining,” at least according to the brokerbabble. Not much else seems to have changed from the last time it was on the market; the nearly 5,000-square-foot duplex still has four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, plenty of outdoor space, a custom kitchen, and other fancy finishes.

But is all that enough to net $28 million for the place? It’s not the priciest unit up for grabs in the building; that would be Penthouse 1, currently listed with Core for $45 million. But it’s pretty darn close.

Walker Tower

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