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Developer Joseph Chetrit is selling three adjacent Upper East Side townhouses

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The three houses were created by combining six townhouses on East 76th Street

The front facade of 118 East 76th Street.
Brian Wittmuss/VHT Studios

This past summer, three adjacent townhouses on East 81st Street came on the market both as a combined sales offering and as individual listings. Perhaps buoyed by the recent spate of megamansion developments and sales, developer Joseph Chetrit is now looking to sell three adjacent townhouses on East 76th Street, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Originally, this collection of townhouses comprised of six different brownstones. Chetrit purchased all six of them in 2007 for $26 million from Lenox Hill hospital. Now even the cheapest of the three combo townhouses is not being offered for that much.

The homes are being marketed and sold by Richard Steinberg from Douglas Elliman, but the three listings haven’t yet appeared online. The Journal obtained some details on the houses however. All three houses were renovated in different architectural styles.

The swimming pool at 118 East 76th Street.

Images from the townhouse at 118 West 76th Street

The largest, at 110 East 76th Street measures 15,000 square feet, and is asking $51 million; the townhouse at 114 East 76th Street is asking $44 million and comes with a swimming pool that can be viewed through a glass floor on the lobby level; and the smallest of the three, measuring 13,000 square feet, is asking $39 million. This home too comes with its own swimming pool, and a glass-enclosed gym that overlooks it.

The townhouses feature anywhere between five to eight bedrooms, according to the Journal. We will update this post with additional photos and floorplans when the listings go live.

Images from the townhouse at 110 West 76th Street