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Big reveal: $999,000 a petite, light-filled East Village condo

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Did you guess correctly?

Douglas Elliman.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a small one-bedroom condo in the East Village— is asking $999,000. It was commenter Eulipian who managed to guess the precise asking price, but OzMerry deserves an honorable mention for guessing one million; the original asking price was $999,999 but the price was chopped down today to an even $999,000.

The biggest critique among the 25 comments was that the apartment, located on East 13th Street between Avenue A and First Avenue, doesn’t offer enough storage space. There is just one closet located in the bedroom and not much room to improvise, since the apartment is so compact. “Where would I place my four racks of clothing,” asked mdmletart.

Many folks approved of the large windows and abundance of natural light, however, the painted floors weren’t as much of it hit. And then there was Adrastos C, who hated everything, stating “This apartment should really be no more than $150K, and thats being generous; the space isn’t worth it.”

So there you have it. Here’s one more look at the space, for good measure: