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212 Fifth Avenue's enormous penthouse returns for $74M

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The 10,000-square-foot penthouse is back

Renderings by Visualhouse

If at first you don’t succeed in selling your exorbitantly priced penthouse, try, try again—at least, that seems to be the thinking at 212 Fifth Avenue, where the penthouse just hit the market for $73.8 million. Yes, you read that number right—a number that high vaults this apartment close to the top of the list for New York’s priciest properties that are currently for sale.

This isn’t the first time this particularly exorbitantly priced penthouse has hit the market: It first listed just about a year ago for an only slightly-less-ridiculous $68.5 million, though it was eventually taken off the market.

That may have something to do with turbulence in the sales team; Town was originally brought on in 2015 to market the property’s pricey apartments, but after a shake-up (and a lawsuit), Sotheby’s took over earlier this year. (The new listing is being handled by a group of four of that firm’s brokers.) Closings have begun at the building, and seven eight apartments—including the $74 million unit—are currently listed on StreetEasy.

But back to the penthouse at hand: Other than the price, it’s unclear if anything else has changed since it was asking $68.5 million. It’s massive, spanning 10,000 square feet with an addition 5,000 square feet of outdoor space; Pembroke & Ives are responsible for the design, which includes a bronze staircase, a terrace with a copper parapet, and high-end finishes.

On the practical side, the triplex penthouse has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, smart home technology, four exposures, a chef’s kitchen, and tons of closet space. On the way less practical side of things, it also comes with the following perks: “a sumptuous 7-room master suite,” gallery walls that “make this penthouse an art collector’s paradise,” an observatory on the top floor, a huge skylight, a marble-and-glass fireplace in the library, and enough space for two pools. Phew.