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LaGuardia AirTrain gets $55M cash infusion from Port Authority

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The money will be used to fund technical planning and design work

On Thursday, Port Authority board members voted unanimously to provide a $55 million funding boost for the planned AirTrain to the LaGuardia Airport, connecting the airport to the Willets Point station.

According to the New York Daily News, the money will be used to cover technical planning, design work, and development of an environmental impact report. The agency had already allocated $20 million toward the Governor Cuomo-backed project.

Back in May, following a request for proposals (RFP), Governor Cuomo selected Parsons Brickerhoff Inc. to carry out the early stages of engineering and planning work for the AirTrain.

Supporters of the AirTrain are confident that it will drastically improve transportation for passengers, allowing them to get from Midtown to LaGuardia in under 30 minutes. However, critics argue that an AirTrain wouldn’t be much better than current public transportation options. Another problem: the project doesn’t have an estimated price tag yet, but could end up costing at least $1 billion.