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South Street Seaport will get an interactive light show this winter

Individual interaction will provoke a unique lighting pattern in the “Sea of Light.”

Credit Alexander Green and Symmetry Labs.

A new interactive public art installation is making its way to Manhattan’s Seaport District, showcasing innovative lighting technology in a display that will certainly be a hit this holiday season. Sea of Light, as it has been named, is the work of light artist Alexander Green in collaboration with design studio Symmetry Labs and will transform the neighborhood’s historic cobblestone streets come December 5.

Spheres of various sizes, ranging up to nine feet in height, will be illuminated with warm-colored light from over 150,000 LED bulbs, and will react to various movement and sound patterns. Each individual interaction will provoke a unique lighting pattern that makes for a rare winter art experience.

The free art exhibition is being debuted as part of efforts to revitalize the Seaport District and rebuild a sense of community. You can catch Sea of Light on display from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., from December 5 through March 2018. On opening night, there will be live music, food, and drinks along with swag bags for all those who attend. You can reserve your spot here.