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Second Avenue Subway extension to the Rockaways proposed by city council member

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Queens City Council member Eric Ulrich has put forth the idea, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon

Governor Andrew Cuomo/Flickr.

Getting from Manhattan to Rockaway Beach isn’t exactly an easy commute via public transportation. There is the A train, which runs from Inwood all the way down Manhattan’s west side before traveling through Brooklyn and finally through Queens; and then there is the LIRR, but if you’re on the Upper East Side, things get a little tricky.

According to Metro, Queens City Council member Eric Ulrich has put forth an ambitious (and nearly impossible) idea to extend the Second Avenue Subway to Rockaway Beach, using the Long Island Rail Road’s Atlantic Avenue station as a connector to the defunct LIRR’s Rockaway Beach line.

The idea to extend one of Manhattan’s subway line’s to the Rockaways isn’t new and has been studied since the 1960s, however, the consensus has always been that it would be too costly to carry out. While an extension would be convenient to many if actualized, the cost and amount of time it would take to get such a project complete, alone make it virtually impossible to carry out. After all, Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway, which would extend the line to Harlem and add three new stations at 106th, 116th, and 125th streets, is projected to cost around $6 billion, which most people agree is too expensive.

Another problem with Ulrich’s idea is that it would require the LIRR to turn over the Atlantic branch to NYC Transit, making things inconvenient for riders who depend on the LIRR to get to Downtown Brooklyn and the Financial District.

It’s safe to say this one will remain a mere pipe dream.