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Could these peculiar housing pods be the answer to NYC’s homeless crisis?

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Creative agency Framlab thinks these hexagon-shaped pods could help mitigate homelessness

Renderings courtesy Framlab.

Even as Mayor Bill de Blasio attempts to address the city’s lack of affordable housing with his Housing New York 2.0 plan, the city is still facing a homelessness crisis that has proven incredibly difficult to thoroughly address. And one creative agency, Framlab, has taken the liberty of designing what they believe could be one part of the solution to that issue.

Framlab has proposed 3D-printed “micro-neighborhoods” that are made up of connectable hexagon-shaped housing pods that attach to a scaffold or an empty wall, reports designboom. The units would be accessed through a staircase that would be built into scaffolding frames.

According to Framlab, the housing modules—or Homed, as it’s being called—would provide a “year-round home” for residents, offering a space that could be reconfigured and expanded upon as needed. The interiors of the modules would be constructed using 3D printing technology; the exterior would be made of steel and oxidized aluminum, which would be durable enough to withstand the elements.

The hexagonal housing pods could be easily dismantled and reassembled as needed, making them highly adaptable to the city’s ever-changing landscape.

Aside from providing shelter to the homeless, the pods would also have the ability to function as public art or a display board. Per Framlab, the front face of the pod is designed using “smart glass assembly with a layer of thin film diodes” that creates a mirror-like finish from street level, giving residents privacy but still enabling them to look out onto the streetscape. In an ideal world, they’d also be able to showcase digital artwork, advertisements, and public information.

Framlab stresses that Homed is not meant to be a singular solution to homelessness but perhaps a tool that aides in resolving the issue.