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R train derailment in Brooklyn caused by a crumbling wall

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The mishap occurred early Sunday morning, but thankfully none of the 30 people on board were injured

The inside of an R train.
Via Autopilot/Wikimedia Commons

The MTA was saddled with yet another derailment early Sunday morning in what has already been a terrible year for the transit authority. An R train heading into the 86th Street station was derailed when a section of the subway tile crashed on to the oncoming train, and got lodged between the rails, the New York Post reported.

The incident occurred around 5:30 a.m., on Sunday morning, with about 30 people on board the train. No one was injured, but the derailment caused a backup for several hours, and the 86th Street station was shutdown for nearly 12 hours, according to the Post.

This latest incident caused another round of finger pointing between the city and the state, according to the Wall Street Journal. The State continues to blame the city for not contributing its share to the MTA’s $836M action plan, and the city continues to maintain its stance that the State siphoned off funds from the MTA for other state projects, and should now pay it back.

A recent New York Times feature about the decades of mismanagement and political wrangling over the agency put even more pressure on the MTA to act swiftly to rectify the current problems. In recent weeks transit advocates and elected officials have also been putting pressure on the agency to start healing the crumbling subway system in a comprehensive manner.