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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban may be eyeing an Upper East Side mansion

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Aussie gossip rags claim the couple snagged a mansion on East 74th Street

Courtesy the Modlin Group

It was just a few weeks ago that an Upper East Side mansion owned by billionaire and Milwaukee Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry hit the market for a whopping $39 million, but the enormous space may already have an interested buyer.

And in keeping with the house’s history—Michael Jackson and Marc Chagall once called it home—that interested party is plenty famous: Australian gossip rags are reporting that country star Keith Urban and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, are ready to move in.

According to Women’s Day (h/t New York Post), Urban wants to purchase the home for Kidman as a gift (must be nice) so she can “she can pursue her dream” of acting on Broadway. The couple currently shares a home in Nashville, TN, but according to an “insider” who spoke with Women’s Day, “New York is a much better place 
for them to be than Nashville” for Kidman’s career.

Take all of this with an enormous grain of salt, of course—these are just rumors, and the listing for the home, on East 74th Street, is still active.

And Adam Modlin, CEO of the Modlin Group, which has the listing, tells Curbed that, “while there are several interested parties in the house, no deal has been made yet and a contract has not been signed. The house is available.”

The home itself was built in the late 19th century, and has eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, three sitting rooms, a media room, a cellar, a home gym, 10 working fireplaces, and much more. Here’s the floorplan again: