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Fort Greene Park’s $5M revamp gets LPC approval

The Parks Department was given the green light to modify the park’s lower plaza

Via Francisco Daum/Flickr

Last week, the Landmarks Preservation Commission approved plans put forth by the YC Parks Department to modify the entrances and pathways at Fort Greene Park. The $5 million upgrade is part of the city’s Parks Without Borders program and concentrates on sprucing up the park’s basketball courts, barbecue stations, and sidewalks, while also making accessibility and lighting improvements.

The proposal wasn’t without its detractors; it drew opposition from locals who felt that the improvements would further gentrification in the area, as well as discourage NYCHA residents from utilizing the park. There were also concerns that the 10-18 month timeframe required for construction would make the area inaccessible for too long.

Nevertheless, the LPC gave the Parks Department the green light to move forward with their plans after the department addressed concerns regarding the appropriateness of the corner entrance and the softening the design of the plaza.

“The Commission determined that the proposed changes are consistent with the history and previous designs of the park and support the special architectural and historic character of the park,” said the LPC’s Director of Communications, Zodet Negron, in a statement to Curbed.