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Empty Williamsburg lot will give way to a Morris Adjmi-designed residential building

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The six-story building will bring 19 new apartments to the neighborhood

Via RedSky Capital

A Morris Adjmi Architects-designed building is set to rise on an empty lot, at the intersection of Driggs Avenue and North 4th Street, just a block away from Williamsburg’s Whole Foods and Apple stores.

YIMBY first reported on the development, which will see the creation of 19 apartments in a six-story building. In addition, plans submitted with the city’s Department of Buildings reveal that the structure will also have commercial/retail space on the first floor and cellar level, and parking for 17 cars on the second floor.

Apartments will start on the third floor and upward, and will measure just under 800 square feet on average. The top floor will only have two apartments, and each will have access to a private terrace. In addition, plans also call for a terrace and a recreation room on the third floor of the building. YIMBY believes the project will be a rental.

The project at 625 Driggs Avenue is being developed by Redsky Capital, who purchased the site in 2013 for $4.38 million. The developer hasn’t yet released a construction timeline for the project.