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Midtown's skinny supertall at 111 West 57th Street is climbing skyward

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See more views of the building’s eye-catching bronze and terracotta facade!

Field Condition

Ever since it resolved most of its legal troubles this past summer, construction on Midtown’s skinny supertall, 111 West 57th Street has been moving forward at a rapid clip. Field Condition recently stopped by the construction site of the JDS and Property Markets Group-developed building, to get us up to speed with the project.

Eventually this building will rise to 1,428 feet, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. But right now, the superstructure has reached the 30th floor, according to Field Condition.

Construction site photos published earlier this month revealed that the building was being fitted with its alluring terracotta and bronze facade. Field Condition has now snapped more photos of that facade, that is now up to the building’s 10th floor, along with its glass curtain wall.

The SHoP Architects-designed building will feature just 60 condos when it is complete. Construction is scheduled for completion sometime in 2019.

Field Condition
Field Condition

111 W 57th St

111 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019