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West Side Highway to get concrete barriers to prevent future terrorist attacks

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The city and state transportation departments are working in tandem to get them installed

Lee Snider/Shutterstock

Following Tuesday’s terrorist attack on the West Side Highway that left eight people dead, and 11 injured, the city is undertaking stringent protection measures to prevent such future attacks, the New York Times reports.

Both the city and state transportation departments will work in tandem to install concrete barriers at intersections for both pedestrians and vehicles along the West Side Highway, stretching from 59th Street to Battery Park.

Along that path’s 31 intersections for vehicles, the state will add six concrete barriers, and along the path’s 26 pedestrian intersection, the city will install concrete cubes, according to the Times.

As of Thursday morning, installation was already underway. The barriers will narrow certain paths along the pedestrian and bicycle routes, and some people have expressed concerns about whether they will impede pedestrian and cyclist movement, according to the Times.

A spokesperson for Mayor Bill de Blasio told the Times that he “would trade a little speed for substantially more safety any day,” in response. Cars will still be allowed to cross over the path to the Hudson River piers, but they will no longer be allowed on the path itself.