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Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ first NYC residential building is on the rise

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The building, located across from City Hall Park, is now nearly halfway to the top

Via NyConstructionPhoto

A little less than a year since foundation work got underway, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ first residential tower in New York City is nearly halfway to the top, a new construction site photo by NyConstructionPhoto, has revealed.

Located next to the Beekman Hotel, this tower will eventually stand 25-stories tall, and be known as “Pearl on the Park.” Developed by Urban Muse, the tower at 1 Beekman Street will bring 31 apartments to the Financial District, that will range in size from 900 square feet to 2,900 square feet.

There are also plans for retail and commercial space on the first five floors of the building. The residential tower is located right across from City Hall Park, and as a result the architects have incorporated a lot of green elements into the building’s facade, which can be seen in renderings of the project.

The project was first announced in the summer of 2015. Urban Muse had purchased the site for $52 million the previous year. Two commercial buildings were demolished to make way for the residential building, which will likely be complete sometime next year.

Richard Rogers also designed the nearby 3 World Trade Center, which wrapped construction earlier this year.