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West Village condo-townhouse hybrid makes progress on Leroy Street

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The project will bring nine apartments and five townhouses to the West Village

Courtest Tectonic via YIMBY

The West Village’s condo-townhouse combo project on Leroy Street has made significant progress since construction began there earlier this year, YIMBY reports.

In March last year, developer Property Markets Group revealed revised plans for the sites at 111 Leroy Street, 115-121 Leroy Street, and 621 Greenwich Street. Initially PMG wanted to build a 12-story building with 30 apartments, but local residents were opposed to that plan.

PMG then decided to go with an as-of-right plan to build a 10-story building with nine apartments, and five adjacent single-family townhouses. Last year plans called for 12 condos in the larger building; that number has since been dropped to nine, according to a rep for the developer.

The condo portion building has now topped out, along with the townhouse at 621 Greenwich has also topped out, according to YIMBY. Workshop/APD is the architecture firm on the project, and construction is expected to wrap up in another year.