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Undulating park proposed for East River Greenway in Midtown

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The design concerns the stretch of the Greenway between East 53rd and 61st Streets

wHY via Dezeen

A little over a month after the city kicked off the design process for a stretch of the East River Greenway between East 53rd and 61st Streets, Dezeen has got its hands on one of the proposals.

This proposal was created by the landscape and urban design division of the national architecture firm, wHY. Grounds, as this division is known, was inspired by the design of Japanese zig-zag bridges, according to Dezeen, while creating their undulating, multi-path greenway.

Grounds’ project would cost $70 million to build, and would feature a separate path for cyclists and runners, and a second one for pedestrians and plants. The paths would undulate at different heights to offer up new views, and in other parts the changing heights will create new spaces that can be activated for events and other parks programming.

The design firm envisions that the park would pay for its upkeep costs similar to the way the High Line does through several events, and Grounds’ has created several nooks in the design to allow for these types of events.

For the moment, this is just a proposal however. The city will choose a winning design in the coming months. Head on over to Dezeen to peek at all the renderings, and let us know what you make of it.