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Is an 80-story skyscraper designed by KPF heading to Midtown?

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If the rumors are true, the building will include offices, retail, and apartments or a hotel

The project is rumored to rise on this corner.
Via Google Maps

Could an 80-story building designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox be headed to the intersection of West 37th Street and Sixth Avenue? The Real Deal reports that developers Isaac Chetrit and Ray Yadidi have tapped KPF to design an 80-story skyscraper at that corner, in near the future.

KPF declined to comment on this development, but TRD suggests that this building will include retail, offices, and either apartments or a hotel. The developers have been assembling a group of properties and air rights in this area over the past decade, to make this development possible.

In 2007, they purchased 989-991 Sixth Avenue for $49 million. In 2015, they dropped $54.3 million on an undeveloped hotel project at 993 Sixth Avenue, and purchased air rights from the Haier Building for $26 million. Altogether this certainly has the makings of a large tower, but last month the developers were looking to sell the assemblage. An office tenant at 989-991 Sixth Avenue will remain in place until 2020, so TRD suggests that construction likely won’t get underway until then.

Is hiring KPF a signifier of a change in heart? How do you feel about an 80-story tower rising at this corner? Sound off in our comments below.