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These are NYC's most dangerous intersections for pedestrians

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Checkout the interactive map to find out places to be extra careful in

The intersection of Canal & Mott Streets is the most dangerous in Manhattan.
Via Google Maps

A new map is highlighting NYC’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians, and pointing several other factors that would help New Yorkers walk safely in the city. Untapped Cities first reported on the map, which was created by NYCrossWalk.

In Manhattan, the top five most dangerous intersections are Canal and Mott Street, followed by East 96th Street and Third Avenue, Lafeyette Street and Canal Street, East 30th Street and Third Avenue, and East 62nd Street and First Avenue. Each of these intersections have already seen between 3-4 collisions this year.

There have been a total of 9,427 pedestrian collisions in the city this year so far, and Brooklyn accounts for the highest number of those collisions (2,452). In Brooklyn, the worst intersections are at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue H, and Saint Johns Place and Utica Avenue, which have witnessed six and five collisions this year, respectively.

The study does go on to note however that the city’s decision to lower the speed limit from 30 m.p.h. to 25 m.p.h. significantly reduced collisions year to year. Pedestrian collisions dropped across all five boroughs in the first three months of 2015, compared to the first three months of 2014.

Other factors the study considered are age (older people are more likely to be involved in collisions), gender (men are more likely to get into a pedestrian collision than women), and causes of collisions (largely failure to yield right of way).

Head on over to NYCrossWalk to checkout the interactive map of pedestrian intersections to be extra careful in.

Via NYCrossWalk