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Lower East Side’s Sunshine Cinema is headed toward demolition

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It’s the end of the road for the historic building

Courtesy of Landmark Theatres

In May, developers East End Capital and K Property Group purchased the Lower East Side’s Sunshine Cinema on East Houston Street for $31.5million, with plans to redevelop it into a mixed-use development with retail and upstairs office space. But it seems plans have changed and the developers have now filed a demolition application with the city’s Department of Buildings to tear the 108-year-old building down, reports The Lo-Down.

Per the application, developers are looking to proceed with a full demolition of the building and information found on East End Capital’s website give an ideas of what will replace the theater. “While pursuing tenants interested in utilizing the structure in its current form, work is also underway for a new, best-in-class office building with retail at the base – a first in the rapidly evolving Lower East Side,” says the site. The theater was already scheduled to shutter its doors in 2018.

Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema opened in 2001, but the building itself has served as a vaudeville theater and screenings venue long before that. For years, Sunshine Cinema struggled to keep up with rising rents and in 2012, the Landmarks Theatres group proposed converting the independent cinema house into a full dining service theater, however, the local community board rejected that idea.

The building’s current lease is scheduled to expired in 2018.

Sunshine Cinema

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