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Big reveal: $699K for a spacious Harlem one-bedroom with a terrace

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Did you guess correctly?


This week’s Pricespotter apartment— a spacious one-bedroom condo in Harlem— is asking $699,000. Among the 30 comments, many came close to guessing the correct asking price, but ultimately it was Trilby16 who hit the bull’s eye.

Options on the layout of this condo were of the assortment. “No qualms with this apartment. Nice layout, good sized bedroom, good sized living room. Tiny kitchen, but I’m not a cooking connoisseur, so I won’t be making any elaborate meals,” said Opal Blue. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Adrastos C wrote “I hate the layout and I hate this apartment.”

There were questions about whether the unit was located on the ground floor (it’s actually on the second floor) and whether it received any natural lighting, given that the photos suggests it may not. We can’t guarantee that it does indeed receive a ton of sunlight, but as acfs puts it, “Both the living room and bedroom windows overlook a street, so surely there is a reasonable amount of light.”

So now that you know the asking price, what do you think? Here’s another look at the space: